Chip Repair

Chip Repair

Californians, especially those of us in the southern portion of the state, are perhaps best known for our long daily commutes and our overall “car culture.” Because there is so much driving to be done in this area, especially on congested and dirty highways through Anaheim, Los Angeles, and other areas, windows can easily become dented, dinged, and scratched by rocks, pavement, and other common debris on the highway.

That’s where Cal Star Autoglass comes in. We can actually repair these minor issues with ease, creating a window that looks brand new without actually forcing customers to bear the full cost of a replacement windshield, rear window, or side window. Our professional team of technicians has been performing these repairs for more than two decades, since our founding in 1990. That level of experience is hard to find at competing dealerships and it means we’ll offer better, longer-lasting repairs at superior prices.

Most Chips are Smaller than a Quarter, Making Chip Repair Easy

It’s easy to overestimate the size and seriousness of a chip once it has made itself known on a vehicle’s windshield. After all, even the smallest bits of dirt can seem like a big deal from within the cabin. the good news, though, is that most of these defects and damaged areas are smaller than a quarter. That makes them exceedingly easy to repair, and it makes the repair itself very affordable to perform.

For small chips and dents in the windshield, don’t simply assume that an entirely new pane of glass is required. Instead, contact our professional team today and learn more about our minor repair services. We’ll beat our competitors’ prices if necessary and offer the most durable repair on the market in Orange.