What Causes Windshield Chips

What Causes Windshield Chips

Keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape should always be a priority if you own a car. Ignoring what your car needs, such as frequent oil changes, filling the tank up before it hits E and routine maintenance is what can cause delayed repairs, resulting in shelling out a lot of cash. But what about your windows? Are those just as important as your engine? Of course.

When it comes to cars, not many people think about the windshield and just how fragile it can be. If you’ve ever seen a small chip or crack in your windshield, then you may have wondered exactly how the imperfection came about without your knowledge. There are plenty of reasons that a windshield could get chipped or cracked.

Tailgating big trucks: Many trucks, especially construction vehicles are usually holding tons of rocks and dirt. Driving too close behind a large truck result in some debris flying off the back and onto your windshield. Stay back.

Change in temperature: Whether you live in an area that encounters severe heat or cold, your windshield will somewhat suffer from this. According to Mrgoglass.com, “since the materials around the glass heat the edges faster than the middle heats, different parts of the windshield expand and contract at different times, which can lead to cracks.”

Incompetent Installation/Construction: Let’s face it, not every manufacturer has quality parts when assembling vehicles. If your windshield is already subpar, combine that with poor installation and any cause of vibration can cause the shield to crack.

We highly recommend getting a minor chip or crack looked at and repaired as soon as you take notice. Cracks have the potential to spread, especially in heat. For the best auto glass repair in la habra, contact Cal-Star Auto Glass for all of your auto glass needs: http://www.calstarautoglass.com

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