Cracked Glass Means No Pass

Cracked Glass Means No Pass

Did you know that if you bring your vehicle to the DMV for the driving portion of the test, a cracked window means that you can’t even take your test? Well now you know if you didn’t! If you have a star, bullseye, or a crack or two on your windshield, you’ve probably have been putting it off because the cost to get windshields fixed nowadays can amount to the same amount as a pair of new tires! That’s steep.

Our auto glass repair and replacement in Pomona, CA is affordable and high quality. Before you take your vehicle in for that driving test, be sure to give us a call anytime to request a free quote. Auto Glass Repair specializes in fixing minor issues, creating a window that looks brand new minus the hefty price tag for customers.

Before pursuing a full on windshield replacement, we urge customers to consider our minor chip repair service, something other auto glass experts don’t do in order to get more money.

Our professionals have been performing window miracles since 1990 with repairs that last longer than our competition available at superior prices. You don’t always need a replacement windshield, rear window, or side window, sometimes a window just needs a good fix.

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