When The Repair Doesn’t Last

When The Repair Doesn’t Last

Typically, when you get something repaired, it doesn’t have to be fixed again, and we use the term typically loosely. Unfortunately, not all auto glass repairs are created equal. Sometimes, a minor chip on your windshield, or any other window on your vehicle isn’t fully repaired, therefore, the chip begins to spread after you’ve paid a good chunk of change to get it fixed.

At Cal-Star auto glass in La Habra, we believe in value without the hefty price tag. Our professionals service everything from motorhomes to compact cars and commercial vehicles, unlike many companies that limit their services to small cars and trucks.

If you have a star, bullseye, or a crack on your windshield, don’t keep putting it off due to what you THINK the cost to get windshields fixed would be. If your chip is smaller than a quarter, the repair will be easy to fix and we believe in affordable prices, so you won’t go bankrupt trying to get a minor repair. Best of all, your repair will last, even through the “car culture” that we face driving in southern California during our daily and hectic commutes.

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