Replace or Fix?

Replace or Fix?

When it comes to cars, not many people think about the windshield and just how fragile it can be. The tiniest pebble on the freeway can travel at the speed of light and cause a chip to form on the windshield. One minor chip won’t hurt can it? Wrong. A minor crack or chip in the windshield can expand if it’s not taken care of right away.

So what happens when that chip or crack spreads from one side of your windshield to the next? More money comes out of your pocket, that’s what. If you get to a point where you have to replace your entire windshield, the cost of doing so can get quite pricey. How do you know if you need a chip repair or a replacement? You have to ask an expert for the answer. Most auto glass companies will steer you towards the replacement route but Cal Star Auto Glass in la habra will give you the best advice on what to do. We typically urge customers to go down the chip repair route but if a replacement window is needed, we do offer free quotes.

Contact the auto glass experts today before that chip expands!

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